Rapid Tooling

Time to market is a critical factor in manufacturing decisions these days. Rapid tooling solutions offer impressive reductions in lead times.

Many rapid tooling suppliers use mould unit die systems in aluminium and tend to opt for high-speed machining techniques coupled with grit blasting or polishing.

This reduces the need for EDM (spark erosion) and lowers the additional time which would be needed for electrode manufacture and subsequent spark erosion operations.

Some of the limitations of this method are soft 'A' surfaces and the fact that no sharp corners are allowed.

Spark erosion on a piece of P20 steel, however, will harden the surface to withstand the most aggressive glass-filled polymers.

We carried out extensive research and developed our own system of manufacture and quickly realised that the argument for using aluminium didn’t stack up against P20 steel.

Rather than opt for the route of HSM and grit blasting, we incorporated EDM and adapted our processes to cope with the additional operations without compromising the delivery date.

Why should our clients care?

Whether someone is looking to bridge the gap between SLA's and production tooling or requires low-volume tooling, P20 steel goes far beyond the limitations of aluminium.

This means, in the case of low volumes, that your tooling will go the distance whether production is 1000/year or 20000/year. In the case of 'bridge' tooling, the same applies if the production tooling delivery is held up.

We do not claim to be using a revolutionary manufacturing method - but we did take a hard look at how to produce tooling quickly.

We discovered that no single method was the answer.

But by incorporating the best elements from tested methods, we developed a successful system using a highly disciplined framework based partly on the German 'Meister' and Japanese 'Kaizen' systems coupled with elements of 'Six Sigma' and 'standardisation'.

Rapid tooling
Spark erosion
Rapid tool

What does this mean for our clients?

Our customers get to own

  • a piece of quality tooling
  • in a fast delivery time
  • capable of not only producing small to medium quantities
  • in a way that mimics the eventual high volume production tooling
  • without any compromises to design or  material grades

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