Production Tooling

Tool Manufacture

All tools are made in our UK factory. We do not use foreign partners because of the specialised system of manufacture.

Although our primary focus these days is on our rapid tooling process, our roots remain firmly grounded in high volume production tooling.

BK Tooling can offer experience and insight during the entire process of getting injection mouldings from the point of concept into the market place.

We can help particularly where the customers starting point is a few hundred mouldings but the target is in the millions. And we offer the flexibility to make just the prototype tooling or both the prototype and the production tooling.

Tool Design

We design all of the tools that we manufacture using one of the best mould and die CAD/CAM systems available in the world today.


Tool Types

  • Multi Cavity
    From a single cavity fully-hardened tool to cope with aggressive polymers to multiple cavities to cope with higher production quantities.
  • Hot Runner
    To mimic eventual high-volume production tooling or just to keep polymer wastage to a minimum with open gating or valve gating.
  • Unscrewing
    From a system using two manually-changed screw cores to an independently-powered and -timed unscrewing system designed to cope with multiple cavities.
  • Multi Shot
    From moulding the one part and manually overmoulding it in another tool to automatic rotating halves and valve systems.
  • Multiple mechanisms
    These can range from simple side actions to up-and-away movements to independently-controlled core pull.
Production tooling
Production tooling

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