Moulding Analysis

Plastic injection mould toolmaking and moulding have gone through dramatic changes over the last 25 years due to the advances in CNC technology and CAD.

The production of complex products that could only be dreamed of in the past has been opened up by CAD and CAM.

But the manufacture of complicated injection moulded parts can be troublesome and costly if proper analysis is not undertaken before committing to the manufacture of expensive mould tooling.

Software companies have overcome this problem by developing moulding analysis software that allows a filling simulation of the plastic part.

Moulding analysis software is widely available from CAD software manufacturers and most users can produce an impressive looking animation of an injection moulded part being filled.

But without the depth of experience and knowledge to interpret the data it remains just an impressive looking animation.

We have been using moulding analysis for many years as an integral part of our design process. As a result, our customers are not exposed to guesswork and costly modifications.

Moulding analysis
Moulding analysis software

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