Design Process Consultation

There are a lot of buzzphrases and acronyms around these days, such as 'Design For Manufacturability' ('DFM').

DFM comes closest to expressing how we think you can take advantage of our services in this area. But it still doesn't explain exactly how we are going to be able to help you.

Essentially, you can benefit from our expertise in the design process to avoid unexpected pitfalls along the way.

Let's take a few examples of the types of client that we can help...

You’ve come up with a new idea and you know it needs to be made from plastic. You've  done your research and established that it needs to be an injection moulding of some kind. But where do you go from here?

Our consultation will guide you through the 'DFM' process, which can include:

  • CAD work
  • moulding analysis
  • rapid prototyping
  • tool manufacture
  • moulding material selection

Let us help you to turn your idea from a prototype to a finished product in problem-free steps. Call us to set up an initial meeting to discuss your project.

Here is a visual overview of some of the above stages:

CAD image
Moulding analysis

You’re an original equipment manufacturer and employ competent engineers in your own field but occasionally need to use an external supplier for injection mouldings. You may, for example, use parts machined in plastic (or even steel) and would like to buy them as injection mouldings but have heard about potential high costs in developing injection mould tools.

Let us show you how our rapid tooling system can give you the cost savings you didn’t think were possible.

Rapid tooling
Rapid tooling

You're a research and development company/design house employing experienced industrial designers familiar with most aspects of modern manufacturing and have been using CAD for many years. You regularly have rapid prototypes manufactured and know your way around draft, shut off angles and split lines.
What about the questions that you are not quite as confident with?

  • How much will the part warp with the changes in wall thickness?
  • How can I prevent sink on the show face with all the internal ribbing?
  • Will a weld line occur in a critical area that will cause part failure in service?
  • How can I ensure that the eventual production tooling will produce product that is fit for purpose?

We are here to answer these problematic questions and offer a fast and efficient rapid tooling service which bridges the gap between rapid prototypes and high volume production tooling. Ask us for an expert consultation.

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