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The problem with many toolmaker and injection moulding company websites is that they try to be everything to everybody.

It's our opinion that we are all busy enough and don't need to waste your time pretending to be something that we are not.

Plenty of companies will tell you that they are set up to produce millions of plastic mouldings. Not us.

Likewise, there are enough businesses offering rapid prototypes using 3D printers. We don't.

It sounds strange to say this in an industry which prides itself on its blue-collar background but we are pretty much a 'boutique' toolmaker and moulding specialist with our focus firmly on the low- to medium-volume client base.

Your business can benefit from our experience and technical expertise. We already use that knowhow to solve problems and produce solutions for original equipment manufacturers, design houses and start-up businesses.

We produce tooling, mouldings and can smooth your way along the entire manufacturing process.

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